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I am a single mother of three and a registered nurse, I lost my job through no fault of my own. I was awarded Unemployment benefits, and then they STOPPED my payments (to review my case). Well since the day i lost my job i hadnt stoped looking and interviewing for another job. I was offered employemnt at a nursing facility as a per-diem nurse; meaning they call you when they need you (the offer of employment even stated we are not guaranteeing you hours). I figured something is better than nothing. I started at this company for 2 days on orientation, and then they told me i needed a physical or i couldnt be on the floor. I told them id go wherever they sent me and they gave me a physical form to go get this on my own. Well its not that easy to get a physical over night. When I FINALLY GOT THE PHYSICAL, THEY SAID "OH IM SORRY WE CANT BRING YOU BACK AT THIS POINT). Well Unemployment said that i told them i was working and they had a "new employee hire form" from me. NEVER HAPPENED, and to keep filing my benefits BUT THEY STOPPED MY PAYMENTS! I did my homework, and according to PA U.C LAW it says they are not supposed to stop your claim until a decision is made if its under review. I call repetiotiously, i went to the state reps office for help, and they told them, im sorry theres nothing anyone can for for up to six weeks. (according to UC LAW it says they have 10 days). they kept sending me the same letter over and over, and i answered the same questions over and over, by mail, fax, and on the phone. IT IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO TALK TO THEM, AND WHEN YOU DO, THEY TALK TO YO LIKE YOU ARE THE GARBAGE OF THE EARTH! THEY HANG UP ON ME, MY CALLS GO MISSING, THEYLL TELL ME I NEVER CALLED TWICE A WEEK. Then someone finally said oh well the only thing holding it up is because we have to make sure your'e not working. I said i already sent various forms of proof in and did everything you wanted me to. And i asked him about the law that my payments were not supposed to be stopped, and he said yeah thats what it says, but if they stopped it, they can do whatever they want. and i said but the law says i should still be recieving those benefits even under a review until a decision is made. he said, i dont know what to tell you, they could do what they want. I also said you are weeks over when a decidion was supposed to be made, and i got the same answer as usual, we have no staff, we do what we could, youre not the only one waiting, and we cant do our jobs when people like you keep calling. (OH, I THOUGHT THEY SAID THAT I NEVER CALL----CAUGHT IN A BULL LIE). I broke down on the phone and said, its been over a month since i recieved a payment, its my sons birthday and i have no cake and no present. i no longer have a phone or computer or a vehichle. ILOST EVERYTHING, BECAUSE I HAVE NO MONEY. My fiance walked out on me and we were supposed to be married in June. H e couldnt take the pressure of supporting me and my three kids. I promise you i didnt go to school for four years to be on unemployment and be broke , i can make tripple what my uc payment is, but i am on the verge of being homeless. My friends and family are tapped out of lending me money. GUESS WHAT HE SAID???WHY DONT YOU APPLY FOR WELFARE? Well i just did three days ago. I just need those payments released so i can have gas money, a phone, and communication to the outside world TO GET ANOTHER JOB. I went for my fifth interview this week, and couldnt go to the one today, i have no way of getting there. I called lawyers they want money up front, I would evven pay a thousand dollars, because next week they will owe me three thousand dollars. my recent interview sounds very promising, i may start as soon as next week, i will walk or hitch a ride the 35 miles if i have to. I dont know where to turn, my whole life turned upside down from them doing this to me. Some of those people there, I swear they take training courses on how to terrorize people, screw with their heads, and document lies you never said. I HAVE CALLD AND WENT TO EVERYONE POSSIBLE FOR HELP AND ADVICE ON GETTING MY PAYMENTS PUT THROUGH, I AM HANGING ON BY A LIMB. They have done nothing but purposely mess up my case so i wont get paid. I WANT TO WORK, AND IM NEXT TO HOMELESS, I AM BEGGING FOR ANYBODYS HELP, PLEASE HELP ME! I just called again and i hear "its under review with the "adjudicator/examiner", this could take a very long time just keeep filing. Please help me please, this wasnt the first time they did this, and im not the only person. I am not sure whats going on there, and i have a feeling they are working in a pressured environment and in a way because i am who i am, i almost feel bad for some of those workers, someone is making them do this. and as for the ones that are making the ultimate decisions, i want them to look at me as a person, a mother, a nurse; not just a case number , or another person with a sob story. im sure they have their own problems, we all do. But these cases are real life, and the decisions they make are affecting so many lives in so many ways, and tearing apart families and relationships. As a nurse I know what its like to work short, but I would never deny a patient that needed me, or ignore their cries for help no matter how busy or short I am. I actually pray their lives get btter and working conditions, because something just aint right in that office or with any of those people. PLEASE HELP!!! ANYONE ANY ADVICE ON WHO TO CALL TURN TO OR WHAT TO DO, PLEASE!!!

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